What do civilians, law enforcement, special forces, and John Wick have in common? They most likely own and use a Glock. It’s no secret Glock brand handguns are some of the most popular guns out there and its for a good reason or shall I say reasons.

History. (Context is everything)



In 1963, Gaston Glock was a successful manufacturer of injection molded parts and components. This is the year he founded the company we know as Glock. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that Glock created a semi-automatic service pistol for the Austrian military.


Gaston Glock developed a firearm that boasted 3 internal safeties. The first was the trigger, then the firing pin, and a drop safety. This was to help with combating any type of accidental discharge. Safety first!


He designed his guns to be as simple as possible. They were designed with minimal moving parts to make it simple and to minimize potential fails. They were lightweight, had high capacity magazines, and were consistent in quality.


Today, Glock firearms average around 35 parts, which seems to be lower than most other pistols on the market.


Why are Glocks so popular?


1. Simple – Like a highlighted in the history of Glocks, the simplicity of the design has not been changed in 40 years. There are minimal external features and each pistol has a box-like look to them.


2. Reliable – What is more important than a pistol being reliable? Glocks reputation has relied on this fact for decades. The gun fires every time, doesn’t jam, and doesn’t discharge accidentally.


3. Tough – These things are quite durable. I’ve heard people putting over 75,000 rounds through their gun and it still works today. Chances are if you buy it and want to keep it, you’ll expire before it does.


4. Easy Breakdown – Take my word on this one, I don’t know of an easier platform to assemble and disassemble.


5. Modification – Remember when I talked about the Glock having minimal parts? Well, it is because of this and it’s simple outer design that makes it the most customizable pistol on the market, hands down. There are endless companies who will cut your slide, stipple your receiver, and cerakote your gun.


6. After Market Parts - THE BEST PART ABOUT GLOCKS IS ALL THE AFTERMARKET PARTS. Out of all the other pistol platforms out there, the accessories for the Glock are plentiful and badass.


It’s hard for me to find reasons to dislike the Glock. If I were one of those people who hated things because they were popular then I could see that. But, I’m not a hater. I love simplicity combined with customization, which to me, that is what the Glock is.


What was your first Glock? Leave a comment below.