My first AR-15

Hi, my name is Cory. Yup, thats me up there. Thats my resting face. Impressive I know. Anyway, I’m the new shipping and logistics manager over here at Tyrant Designs CNC. I started just over 2 months ago, and was hired because of my extensive experience and expertise in logistics, not for my knowledge of firearms. Besides owning a 9mm handgun (that I shoot at the range 2-3 times a year), I know very little about firearms and even less about the AR platform.

But after working here for a couple months, it was inevitable that I be seduced by the passion of the people I work with. Naturally, I asked my coworkers what was the best way to go about building my first rifle, and we (and by “we” I mean “they”) decided it would be interesting for me to build the rifle on my own with only the help and guidance of the almighty, all knowing internet…seriously. I promised to only use the knowledge I would acquire from the web and I would report/document my findings in a blog. This blog, actually. I'm really not sure how I got roped into this. 

Anyway, my first build. The initial struggle I encountered when building my first AR-15 was deciding to buy a complete rifle, or purchase piece by piece and put it together myself. Because I'm a NOOB to the AR platform I chose to do something in the middle. My goal was to spend under $750 for the complete rifle (not including optic). On a popular AR-15 forum, I found a link to a rifle kit minus the lower for $399. I bought the upper parts kit and supplemented a lower receiver for $100. The owner of Tyrant, who isn't a tyrant, generously contributed our new Mod Grip with a chevron back strap to give my new rifle that last little bit of flare it needed to make it look bad ass (I actually kind of just took one, but I’m fairly confident that he didn’t mind).

I have yet to shoot it because of the holidays, life, whatever. But I think it looks nice and I’m excited to take it out and shoot it. So, to date I have spent just over $500, with sights and an optic to go.  How did I do for my first build? No seriously please tell me. The guys warned me that the internet is vicious in terms of roasting people and newbies, so be easy on me. Or don’t, do whatever you want.

I’m looking forward to writing about my experiences as a new AR user. I’ve always enjoyed experiencing new hobbies, and I’m really happy to be a part of something big here. The people I work with are sincerely good people, and I enjoy coming to work. I hope that I can relay my future experiences in a manner that will help newbies like me gain knowledge just a little bit easier, quicker, and without getting roasted on some forum. I invite you to follow along while you take a break from work, life or just during your morning poo.



P.S. Please share any intel that will help me with optics, sights, or anything I may need in the future. Drop it in the comments below...Please. 


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