Customization is King

With the rise of aftermarket accessories for different pistols, it's easy to forget that aftermarket accessories are not that new of a concept. In fact, if you were an avid firearm enthusiast in the 90s and 2000's you probably remember all the 1911 accessories people were putting on their guns. In the later 2000's we saw another dramatic uptick in companies making aftermarket accessories for the AR15 platform. What seems to be the most recent trend, is aftermarket accessories companies building their own complete pistols.

AR-15 Manufacturers did it first

Manufacturers will go where the demand is. It wasn't that long ago that most AR accessories manufacturers only made a few different products to compliment their factory ready AR rifle. People started to realize that these manufacturers were not just providing something different in terms of aftermarket accessories, but they provided high-quality upgrades that made the rifles look and perform better. You then saw these manufacturers selling their own complete builds that were stocked with all of their components.

Boldly going were AR companies did before

I think the biggest trend going forward will be complete pistol setups from aftermarket accessories manufacturers. No doubt there will always be a huge market for individual aftermarket component sales for people building out their dream pistol from stock. But some customers rather just make one purchase and have the pistol of their dreams completely decked out and ready to go straight from the manufacturer.

What do you think the next firearm trend will be? Let me know in the comments below.