Dick's Sporting Goods will discontinue the selling of firearms and ammunition at 125 stores.

Last year, Dick's removed their firearms and hunting accessories from 10 stores as a sort of "trial run". The reason being those 10 stores were struggling to sell firearms and accessories and instead of continuing to underperform, the company completely pulled out their inventory.

CEO Edward Stack stated that pulling firearm and hunting accessories actually increased store sales across the 10 trial stores. They're hoping to offer more higher-margin sporting goods, which will be more profitable for the company.

Dick's Sporting Goods operates more than 720 stored in the U.S.

Insulting your target audience is bad for business

Last February, Dick's said it would stop the sale of all assault-style weapons after the shooting in Parkland, Florida. As well as raising the minimum age for purchase to 21 and removed all high capacity magazines from their stores.

Many firearms and 2A enthusiasts took this quite personally. Especially those 2A supporters that were also customers of Dick's Sporting Goods. Many industry leaders and influencers have been vocal on social media about their distaste for the companies new anti 2A policies.

Hit em where it hurts $$$ 

The companies stock price has fallen 6% this year and that seems to just be the beginning. Slow earnings reports have investors being skeptical over the new direction of the company. A combination of competition from other retailer giants and Amazon, as well as the boycotting by one of their target demographics, seems to be getting the once industry leader into some trouble.  

When asked about the companies new direction and attitudes towards firearms, the CEO said, "I don't care what the financial implication is."

I wonder if his shareholders feel the same way?

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