Glock doubles down on two brand new concealed carry handguns In January 2019.

Glock made a huge announcement regarding two new firearms it will be adding to their offerings. The two new firearms are the Glock 43x and the Glock 48. Both firearms will be chambered in 9mm. The original single stack 9mm pistol, the Glock 43, was a wide commercial success and competed with the Smith & Wesson Shield, Ruger LC9S, and Walther PPS. And as you all know now, a personal favorite of ours!

Glock is hoping to double down on their previous success with the 43 by offering these two new single stack pistols to customers. Business in the front, a party in back The Glock 43x is almost identical to the 43 but has one big difference, INCREASED CAPACITY. What Glock did, was increase the grip length of the 43 to the measurements of a full-size Glock 19. The longer handle now will be fed a 10 round magazine, which previously had a measly 6 rounds. The Glock 43x will also have a silver nPVD finish to distinguish itself from the traditional black coating on Glock's previous pistols. Who are you calling skinny? The Glock 48 is essentially the 43x but with a longer slide, which makes it closer to a Glock 19 than it does to the previous G43 model. What makes the G48 different than the G19? The G48 is much thinner and has a single stack magazine.

This will make it easy to conceal carry but at the same time not make the user sacrifice higher bullet velocities because of a compact slide. The G48 will also have a silver nPVD finish like the G43x. I like the fact companies are spending more money on R&D for concealable single stack pistols. With more and more states repealing stringent conceal carry laws, I think we will see more and more companies catering to the conceal carry pistol market. The consumer wins again!

What are your thoughts? Should we make upgrade components fot the G43x & G48?