Welcome back to the 27th installment of my blog, in which I don’t claim to be an expert, in fact the opposite. I’m a new user to the AR platform and want to share my findings and experiences as I go through and build rifles as well as being the Operations Manager at Tyrant Designs.



When I think of the word customization I think of America, and the freedom we have to make choices. Lucky for us, the AR-15 is the most customizable rifle ever made (says me and I’m never wrong.) In the America we live in today, we no longer have to be scared of legislation banning our favorite rifle. For now….unless you live in California...but that’s for a different day.


Many manufacturers, dealers and industry influences I speak to have seen a dramatic shift in the spending habits of the AR consumer. People are now looking to spend money on high end accessories instead of stock piling $500 AR-15’s and countless magazines.


Folks are now looking to buy well machined, high quality accessories to upgrade one if not all of their current rifles. Whether it be for form or function or both, there is a plethora of different accessories you can now buy.


Here are a few of my favorite upgrades.


1. Pistol Grips


There is nothing I hate more than a standard A2 grip. I get it, it works but to me it just feels foreign and impersonal. With so many different sizes of hands, I think it’s important to find a pistol grip that puts your finger at a comfortable distance away from the trigger. And also looks badass...clearly. 


2. Magazines


Having a nice set of mags for your range time is ideal. With all the different manufacturers out there it is easy to find one that fits form and function. Before people had to do their own stippling to add texture to the magazine. Now companies like Hexmag make grip tape that is not only functional but also looks really cool.


3. Trigger


I touched on this upgrade last week. A trigger can change the function of your rifle while adding a little “flare” to it. Who doesn’t love a nice 2 stage drop in trigger replacement. It will make a poor shooter a less poor shooter.


4. Safety Selectors


Ambidextrous safety selectors are another great customization. The first advantage is they are great for left handed shooters. Second, they can be functional in their grip style and be low profile so it doesn’t snag on any clothing or gear as the operators say.


5. Handguards


The free float handguard is a staple when it comes to customization. Whether you prefer M-LOK or KeyMod, a nice handguard can significantly lighten the front of your rifle, while giving you the autonomy to attach whatever foregrip you want. This will aid in the stabilization of your rifle and just make it look bad ass.


6. Foregrips


It depends on the shooting style of the user, but there is a foregrip for everyone. I personally like a handstop, so I know where my hand should go every time I pick it up. Some prefer the vertical grip, especially for close quarter combat. While others like an angled foregrip which will distance the shooter’s hand from the hot barrel.


7. Stocks


It doesn’t matter if you prefer a fixed position or collapsible, there is one out there for you. I think this is very important when it comes down to the purpose of the AR-15. Some will want a brace for their AR Pistols and others will like something for longer range stabilization with larger calibers. Don’t forget the light weight skeletonized options out there as well.



Take advantage of this time in history where our favorite rifle is relatively safe from legislation. Treat yourself to something nice and high quality. I don’t know many AR owners that sell their rifles so whatever you end up buying you will probably have forever. The higher the quality the likeliness it will stand the test of time. You usually always get what you pay for.


Take a break from the cheap and start piecing together your dream AR-15 because you deserve it. What’s everyone’s favorite upgrade you made for your AR-15?