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S&W Shield +2 Mag extension

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*fits 7 round magazine for 9mm*

*fits 6 round magazine for .40*

*fits new Shield 2.0*

Introducing the fastest and easiest installing magazine extension, our S&W Shield .40 cal & 9mm +2 magazine extension!

Using a proprietary design, our M&P +2 mag extension installs in less than 10 seconds with no tools necessary!

Our Shield mag extension is CNC Machined from aerospace grade aluminum and merges flawlessly with the ergonomics and styling of your MP shield. In addition to holding an extra two rounds , the profile of our M&P magazine extension has chamfered edges which helps ensure that your S&W Shield conceals well despite the added length.

Quality is truly high end from start to finish. Install happens in seconds and the added weight to your Shield magazine will help you save time during reloads!

Like all of our products, this is designed and machined 100% in the USA! Whether you are an avid concealed carrier, an active competitive shooter or anything in between, our S&W M&P Shield 9mm +2 magazine extension and S&W M&P Shield .40 +1 magazine extension is your best solution!


S&W M&P Shield 9mm

S&W M&P Shield .40


  • Designed to work with stock spring
  • Quickest installing Magazine Extension EVER
  • Holds 9 rounds of 9mm
  • Holds 7 rounds of .40
  • Perfect profile match
  • Added control and increased purchase
  • Smooth chamfered edges


Length- 1.15" 

Width- .90"

Weight-1.2 oz

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