Thank you for tuning into my second installment of my blog that I write regarding my experience as a new AR15 user. If you're reading this on the toilet, I hope your poo comes out easy and clean, no whipping necessary. Down to business (well, business while doing your business? If thats what you're doing...I dunno). Today I want to talk about single stage vs two stage triggers. This was a topic I found a little confusing at first but with a little research and some help from our engineer, I think I got it worked out. Let me share what I've learned to help other new AR users or people who are still a little unclear what the difference means.


Single Stage:

an avid AR-15 enthusiast  here at Tyrant (like, hardcore. More than everyone else) gave me a metaphor to help explain the difference.  He said, imagine your walking ground level to a large wall. Once you scale the large wall the rifle will fire. It's one pull to trigger to release the firing pin. People like these because they are easy to adjust and can are crisp in the "break" of the trigger. An advantage of this can be speed, especially at a close range, but you might sacrifice tighter groupings. A quality single stage will run you $85 to $150.


Two Stage:

Similar metaphor. Imagine you need to scale a large wall but you have a ramp you can walk up to get to the top. Now, all you have to do is jump over because you are already at the top. So in the first stage (walking up the ramp), all the slack is being taken out of the trigger, followed by an audible click, and with a little more pressure to the trigger and it will fire. This allows you to know exactly when the trigger will break and the rifle will fire. So you can have better shot timing and tighter groupings. A quality two stage can run you $350 to $450.


In conclusion, I hope you learned as much as I did about friendship...oh wait that's my next blog post. Let's try that again. In conclusion, I hope you learned as much as I did about the difference between single and 2 stage triggers. As with most things I've noticed with the AR, it comes to preference but usually money. Speaking of money, if you got some lying around go pick up an LWP Grip .They just might be on sale...