Welcome back to the 45th installment of my blog, in which I don’t claim to be an expert, in fact, the opposite. I’m a new user to the AR platform and want to share my findings and experiences as I go through and build rifles as well as being the Operations Manager at Tyrant Designs.

One of the unfortunate risks in arming free people is that occasionally somebody with ill intentions will get a hold of a firearm and cause harm. Some of the most vulnerable people are our children while they are at school.

Gun grabbers will tell you that the banning of all firearms would eliminate the problem. Because banning something means it will be completely eradicated right? Just like the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s and the current war on drugs. Idiots.

In recent news, The Department of Homeland Security has begun releasing a training program aimed at addressing the scenario of an active school shooter. The program is for school staff, as well as first responders.

The training program was a duel effort by The Department of Homeland Security and the US Army. It has been in production since 2013 and costs $5.6 million dollars. It is now ready to be launched in order to better prepare our school systems for such an event.

The program is run on the Unreal game engine, which was developed by Epic Games. For those unfamiliar, some popular games such as Mass Effect, Rainbow Six, and Bioshock, all use this engine for their games. In layman’s terms, it’s a very high quality and realistic.

They developed the details of the program by taking accounts of first response agencies, as well as the experience from past incidents. In the simulated scenario the user will have the ability to act as the shooter, a teacher, or the responding police officer. The best way to make it out of a situation regardless of its origin is always to be prepared.

They are “aiming” for a release date sometime in spring and it will be Free!

Well, not free because our tax dollars paid for it but you get the point.