Welcome back to the 46th installment of my blog, in which I don’t claim to be an expert, in fact, the opposite. I’m a new user to the AR platform and want to share my findings and experiences as I go through and build rifles as well as being the Operations Manager at Tyrant Designs.

With Shot Show wrapping up this week, there was a lot of new products and ideas circulating around that gained much attention. If you were too busy working this week to catch on any of the 2018 Shot Show excitement, don’t worry because I have you covered. Here is a list of products I found to be interesting at Shot Show this year.

1. Palmetto State Armory 9mm AK-47 and MP5

The actual release date is unknown for this AK-47, but it is estimated to be sometime within the year 2018. This AK-47 variant is chambered in 9mm and is fed MP5 magazines. Apparently, they will also use Glock magazines as well and have a variety of different braces and folding stocks.

This MP5 clone is sporting is sweet tailhook arm brace and has a release date estimated to be sometime next year.

2. Vault-Pro Display Gun Cabinet

This safe has 2 doors which lock (duh). Multiple racks that support hundreds of pounds of firearms. It is also fitted with 2 different types of ballistic level glass. It is even fire resistant for up to 2 hours! This looks like something you’d see in a big office or gun store but I think it would look nice in my living room.

3. Geissele Remington 700 Trigger

Geissele has designed a new drop in trigger for the Remington 700. They can be configured for single or two-stage. If you don’t know the difference between the two, you can consult an old blog post of mine. https://www.tyrantcnc.com/blogs/blog/trigo-nometry

4. Hi Point 10MM Carbine

Barrel length: 17.5"

Overall length: 32"

Weight: 7 lbs.

Sights: Fully-adjustable

Capacity: 10-shot magazine standard

Stock: All-weather, black molded polymer

MSRP: $389.99

5. ProMag AR-15, AR-10 Drum Mags

The one thing we do know is that the AR-15 drum mag will hold 65 rounds, which is good and bad. Good because it has a great capacity and bad because there goes your money. In all seriousness, these things are very solid and aesthetically pleasing.

6. Thermal Defense Solutions 3D printed Suppressors

7. Franklin Armory Reformation

Franklin Armory has a new rifle that is not a rifle, lol. In short, they found a loophole that makes this “not a rifle” hence not an NFA item. How did they do this? The barrel actually puts no spin on the projectile. The effective range will be short, maybe 100 yards or so. The first launch will be a 300 Blackout. The reviews on this are very polarizing. I have this on my list of boom or bust this year!

These are just a few of the interesting items I noticed this year. If you have any you thought were worth mentioning, mention away in the comments below!