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Why Choose Tyrant CNC

Creators of the skeletonized aluminum AR-15 grip

Our mission statement is simple; to design and manufacture only the highest quality AR accessories. Why? Because your AR-15 deserves a better quality rifle accessory, and so do you.

We get it. There are so many AR-15 aftermarket parts out there. Finding a manufacturer in the USA that makes high quality aluminum AR accessories is even harder. Beyond that, most of our competitors products colors and designs don’t even match. Leaving you with a poorly matched AR-15. That’s where Tyrant Designs CNC comes in.

We offer a wide range of products, including our best selling skeletonized aluminum AR-15 grips, angled or vertical foregrips, and handstops. All of which share purpose built design features and matching colors.

Gone are the days of going from site to site looking for anything to avoid having a frankenstein like AR-15 build. With products from Tyrant Designs CNC, your AR will look, feel and operate like a high end, high quality tool!

We invite you to check us out and see for yourself why we offer only the best AR 15 products. Shop confidently knowing that we offer a lifetime warranty on everything you see!

Reasons to choose a Tyrant CNC aluminum grip:

  1. Lighter than most polymer grips
  2. Practically indestructible
  3. Precision CNC machined components result in a higher degree of quality and durability.
  4. Manufactured in the United States