Welcome back to the 61st installment of my blog, in which I don’t claim to be an expert, in fact, the opposite. I’m a new user of the AR platform and want to share my findings and experiences as I go through and build rifles as well as being the Operations Manager at Tyrant Designs.

Hide yo pins, Hide yo wifi, because hackers are coming for our infrastructure.

I know most of us 2A loving folk own firearms to protect ourselves as well as our loved ones from any type of attack or potential harm. But this type of attack cannot be warded off by our second amendment rights because it's coming from the internet.

On the morning of March 22nd, a remote ransomware trapped the city of Atlanta's data behind an encrypted wall, where it would stay unless the city paid a $51,000 ransom in bitcoin. Just how serious was this? City employees had no email access, residents couldn't pay electric bills, and the city jail is running on pen and paper.

Atlanta did not pay the ransom and the hackers went to town on their infrastructure. As of now ATL has spent $11.5 million dollars to restore all the failed systems. Atlanta isn't the only one, hackers have attacked Colorado's Department of Transportation twice this year.

To add insult to injury, some of this ransomware come with their own customer support line that will help and teach city officials how to buy and then give them the cryptocurrency for the ransom. Ouch!

With the increase in attacks in 2018, cyber insurance policies have been issued out more than ever before growing a booming industry to multi-billion dollar status.

Not scared because you live in a small city? Don't be so naive, these people are equal opportunity hackers. They attack big cities and small towns alike. Rockport, Maine has only 4,000 residents but was attacked by ransomware recently. Scary stuff if you ask me. In this new day an age, cities have 3 choices. They can either pay the ransom, pay for the recovery, or invest in cyber insurance. What a time to be alive