“The Tyrant Designs grip created a great ergonomic feel. Because of its design, I felt no fatigue while shooting. It will not crack, chip, fatigue or break, providing a durable, reliable piece of hardware and one less thing to worry about.”
—Ballistic Magazine

MOD Series AR-15 Grips

It is a very lightweight and modular (hence the name) Aluminum and Polymer Composite AR-15 grip. The Body of the grip is made from aerospace grade Aluminum, then finished in a type III hardcoat black anodize. The front and back straps of the grip are made from a polymer composite, are fully removable, and are offered in different sizes as well as designs.

LWP Series

The LightWeight Pro Series grip is our lightest AR-15 grip yet! Weighing in at a little over 3 ounces it is THE GRIP for a light weight AR build! It is the lightest an all aluminum grip should weigh without compromising structural integrity and durability.

Titan Series AR-15 Grips

 The Titan Series grip is our all-aluminum grip. It's CNC-Machined from a single block of aerospace grade aluminum. The back of the Titan series features knurling for a secure grip in any condition. Despite its high-strength, it's very lightweight, weighing less than most polymer designs from other companies.

Reasons to choose a Tyrant CNC aluminum grip:

  1. Lighter than most polymer grips
  2. Practically indestructible
  3. Precision CNC machined components result in a higher degree of quality and durability.
  4. Manufactured in the United States