Lets talk vertical foregrips!

Lets talk vertical foregrips!

Welcome back to the 11th installment of my blog, in which I don’t claim to be an expert, in fact the very opposite. I’m a new user to the AR platform and want to share my findings and experiences as I go through and build rifles as well as being the Operations Manager at Tyrant Designs.


The customization ability of the AR-15 is second to none and it’s what I appreciate the most about the platform. Whether you want a $500 no frills AR-15 or a $3,000 custom rifle, there are so many options of accessories to buy to fit your specific build. Today I want to dive into a very important accessory, vertical foregrips.


If you’re thinking vertical foregrips aren’t important to me because they’re big, bulky, and caught caught on my gear (trust me I agree with you), keep on reading. I’m going to show you a special vert grip you’ve never seen before!



The Good


Some operators find that it’s easier to grip the fore end of their rifle with a vertical style grip. It provides stability and consistency to the shooter. Plus, if the barrel gets hot, the vert grip allows the shooter to keep their hand away from the barrel (obviously further than an angled foregrip) without having to wear gloves. To be honest, some people just prefer it over grabbing an angled foregrip or the handguard.


The Not so Good


Per what I mentioned earlier, some people feel that the bulkiness and weight of a vert grip outweighs the benefits of using it. In the past the weight of a vertical grip could add significant foreend weight to your rifle. 


Our Solution


The secret is out! I have no shame in my game. I’ve been waiting to do a vertical foregrip post because I knew we’d be dropping our own vertical grip this coming week. So now that you are reading, lets talk about it.

This is not your typical AR-15 vertical foregrip. When we started the design we asked ourselves, 'how do we get the stability and control of a vert grip without the added weight and bulkiness?' Hello HALO Series Mini Vert Grip!

Through our typical design and strict R & D process we were able to make this grip very comfortable, very ergonomic, very light AND very very aesthetically badass! . We also added a side knurl on the lower portion of the grip to allow for greater yaw control.


With the overall dimensions being 2.75" in length and 0.800" in thickness and a total weight of 2.5 ounces there really isn't much reason to not pick one up. Its great for my lightweight builders out there and just plain sinister looking! Just make sure you register now and start to memorize your credit card info because we are already over subscribed for it!






In conclusion, vertical grips can be a great tool to help with precision shooting. They do have their downsides but we like to think we’ve addressed this in our vert grip. Do yourself a favor and jump on the HALO mini vert email list (insert link to the page) because it’s dropping in black next week. Colors soon to follow.

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