Don’t believe everything you read.


(Unless it’s from this blog.)


A recent report regarding school shootings came out earlier this year. The Department of Education reported that there were 235 school shootings in 2015-2016. By the end of the summer NPR and Child Trends, and a nonpartisan research organization inquired about each school to find out the legitimacy of each shooting reported.


Here is some perspective. 235 schools is .2 % of all US schools. That’s less than a half of a percent. Of the 235 schools that were inquired about, only 176 schools responded. Of those 176 schools that responded, ONLY 11 CONFIRMED THAT THEY HAD AN ACTUAL SCHOOL SHOOTING.

Eleven, out of the actual 235 reported. Think about the gravity of this lie. Now, even a single shooting is a terrible event. I for one would love for our schools to have an armed security guard or two. 


Why is there such a big difference between the number of shootings happening and the ones being reported? That’s a good question. Some Department of Education officials say that some of the shootings are being classified due to human error of the person filling out the forms. Others say that there might be errors with the computer reporting system. Either way, there seems to be a gross misrepresentation in the number of school shootings happening in this country.


It is my opinion that the mainstream media wants you to believe that school shootings are more prevalent than they really are. And it is false statistics like this that give fuel for the anti-gun legislation that tries to rear its ugly head at us law-abiding gun owners every year.


But there is good news! The Department of Education is going to make revisions to the 2015-2016 school shooting statistics in light of this new data collected by NPR. They will make an amendment to the current statistics rectifying the discrepancy. The Department of Education didn't say much on how they would obtain more accurate numbers in the future, which to me is concerning.  It sure does make me think, what else is being falsely represented to us as fact?


Thoughts and comments below, please.